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Getting Truly Adequate Compensation After A Work Injury In Missouri

Workers’ compensation was designed to protect injured workers and their families. It is basically a claim against your employer’s insurance so that your medical costs and much of your lost work time are paid for.

Not sure if what happened to you qualifies? At Christopher Stokes, Attorney at Law in St. Louis, I offer a free consultation so that you can understand if you have a claim and what to do next. You never pay for my services unless I take your case and attain compensation for you.

Why Hire An Attorney?

As an experienced attorney focused on personal injury and workers’ compensation, I have a deep understanding of how these claims work. I will pursue everything you are due, not just the minimum. I want you to be taken care of as much as the law provides.

Missouri workers’ compensation claims are complex. It can be very difficult to navigate the system if you are not an attorney. I will explain what your rights are and the best way to move forward. I will take on the matter and deal with your employer and the insurance company for you. When the other parties realize that you have the benefit of legal representation, they typically do not try to do anything unlawful or prohibited. This is sadly not always the case for people who do not have an attorney on their side.

Types Of Workers I Can Help

It does not matter what your citizenship status is: Any worker can file a workers’ compensation claim. I help many types of workers including:

  • Construction workers
  • Roofers
  • Landscapers
  • Truckers and delivery drivers
  • Office employees
  • Assembly line, factory and warehouse workers
  • Teachers and health care providers
  • Union and nonunion laborers
  • Immigrant workers

If you were hurt by equipment that failed or malfunctioned, I can also help. This is called a third-party personal injury lawsuit. Find answers to your Missouri workers’ compensation questions here, or, call and set up a time to talk.

Let’s Talk About What To Do Next

Schedule your free consultation with me by calling 314-786-3495. You can also reach me by using my online contact form. There is space for you to ask a question on the form. There is no cost to meet with me. Remember, I only collect payment if I win your case. In St. Louis, I help injured workers throughout the city and surrounding communities. Se habla español.