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Getting What You Need After An Injury

After a car accident, slip in a store or trip in a parking garage, you can suffer long-lasting injuries. I understand what it takes to create a successful personal injury case. I will assess your injury in a free consultation. I’ll tell you what your best options are for recovering compensation and we can take it from there. Call me, Christopher Stokes, Attorney at Law, at 314-786-3495 to arrange a meeting.

Proving Negligence And Liability

If someone else caused your injury, they are likely both negligent and liable. Liable means responsible. Negligent means that they did something they should not have, like T-boning your car while texting or driving drunk. Negligent can also mean they did not do something they should have, such as not cleaning up a grocery store spill that caused you to slip and crack a hip or hit your head.

If another party is shown to be both negligent and liable, we can then go after financial compensation. Personal injury takes skill, understanding how to negotiate effectively with the insurance company and knowledge, knowing what an injury is “worth.”

What’s Covered After An Injury?

What an injury is worth is based how the seriousness of the harm. For example, if you or a family member falls and hits their head they may suffer a concussion. A concussion can keep them from work for days, weeks or, in some cases, months. A concussion often requires an MRI which can be expensive. The time out of work can also mean that bills pile up or do not get paid. Typically compensation covers:

  • All medical costs
  • All equipment costs
  • All prescriptions
  • All therapy related to the injury
  • All current and future lost work
  • All costs for rehabilitation

Different injuries may require different care. It’s important to understand how injuries differ and what the related costs for care are. I take both workers’ compensation and third-party claims. This means that if you are hurt at work, I am prepared to fight for you. If you are hurt while on the job because of a defective product, called a third-party claim, I am also ready to pursue compensation.

The Skill And Knowledge You Need On Your Side

Personal injury cases typically involve an insurance company. The insurance company may represent the other driver (vehicle accidents), the property owner (slip and fall, premises liability) or the hospital (medical malpractice).

As an experienced personal injury attorney, I know what different injuries typically cost from a medical perspective. I also know what an insurance company will likely have to pay if your case goes to court. Insurance companies want to avoid court.

So, if I can negotiate compensation out of court that will cover all of your costs, including lost wages and pain and suffering, I will do that. If the insurance company refuses to agree to a reasonable compensation amount, they will see me in court.

Get Straight Talk About Your Injury Claim

Remember, you pay me nothing unless I am able to get either a settlement (outside of court) or a verdict (in a courtroom). I will answer your questions about your rights and the medical treatment you can and should receive. I’ll give you clear, straightforward answers.

Call me at my St. Louis office at 314-786-3495 to set up a time to meet and talk. You can also reach me via my online contact form. No matter how you were injured, it’s worth finding out if you have a claim and what it could be worth. Se habla español.